• PureRegen Injectable Hyaluronic Acid
  • Otovent Treatment for Glue Ear and Ear Infections
  • BrightStar Advanced Personal Lighting Systems
  • Swiss Therapy Hydrogel Sheeting and Masks
  • Swiss Therapy Hydrogel Sheeting and Masks

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Invotec International Catalog for ENT, Cosmetic and Plactic Surgery
Product Catalog

Our products are used to treat ear infections, hearing loss, nose and sinus diseases and in cosmetic surgical procedures. From implants to instruments, Invotec is internationally known for quality, innovative medical products at value prices.

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Otovent Auto Inflation System

Used around the world for more than eighteen years, the Otovent® Auto Inflation System offers Otitis Media patients and those suffering from Barotrauma a proven protocol to relieve pain associated with middle ear pressure.

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