Otovent® Auto Inflation System

The First-line Treatment of Negative Pressure in the Middle Ear

The Otovent® Auto Inflation system offers glue ear (otitis media with effusion and Barotrauma patients a proven first-line treatment option in relieving ear pain and pressure. It is a non-surgical, drug free treatment and has been recommended by ENT specialists for over 20 years. It is natural, painless, and takes only a matter of seconds to perform!

Benefits of Otovent

Otovent can prevent or treat Otitis Media and be an attractive alternative to surgery. Otovent treats many of the complications associated with negative ear pressure caused by Eustachian tube dysfunction.

• Painless, immediate relief without the use of drugs
• No side effects
• Minimal demand on physicians time
• Relieves anxiety
• Easy, safe an fun to use!

How Does Otovent Work?

The patient inflates a small balloon using their nose and at the same time the pressure equalizes and relieves the symptoms in the middle ear. Blowing up the balloon helps to open up the Eustachian tube, making it easier for fluid to drain from the middle ear.

BEFORE: Otitis Media, Eustachian tube dysfunction. Negative pressure, pain, impaired hearing, learning problems.

DURING: Controlled pressure is transmitted through the nose and Eustachian tube to the middle ear pressure is balanced.

AFTER: Pain relief, hearing restored and improved prognosis.Otovent® Auto Inflation System

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Otovent Treatment Set

The system consists of a nares bulb and an ample supply of latex balloons to perform safe and effective middle ear auto inflation, 2-3 times daily, for up to 6 weeks. Each Kit Contains: one nose piece made of PVC, one instruction leaflet, and 10 pressure tested latex balloons.

Item No. Description Qty/Box
90-00000 Otovent Kits, 1 Case* 12 patient kits**
90-00001 Otovent Kits, 1/2 Case* 6 patient kits**
90-00000B Otovent Kits balloons* 5 per pack**

*Allergy Warning: Contains latex.

**Wholesale purchasing only. For retail purchasing, please visit otovent.net.

How to Use Otovent® Otovent Inflation Example

Otovent® is simple to use.

1. With one nostril pinched shut, and the balloon mounted nose plug held against the other nostrum, the patient inflates the balloon.

2. Once fully extended, the patient then allows the positive pressure of the balloon to reenter the nose and swallows, achieving trans-Eustachian tube middle ear insufflation.

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