Silicone Scar Sheets

Silicone Scar Sheets from Invotec

Transparent, soft, elastic and self-adhesive sheet dressing. Effective in preventing the formation of new scars and reducing the appearance of existing scars. It is easily applied to all areas of skin including exposed or hard-to-treat areas like the face, ears, arms, hands and joints.

• Crystal clear 100% medical grade silicone gel sheeting
• Provides elastic protection to the skin for optimal scar healing
• Durable, comfortable and re-usable
• Various in shapes, sizes and backing colors
• No irritation, no maceration
• Latex free
• Trimmable
• Durable and reusable

Number Description Dimensions Gel Thickness Qty/ Box
12-75453 Sheet Dressing 75mm x 45mm 0.5 mm 10
12-12080 Sheet Dressing 120mm x 80mm 0.5 mm 10
12-07603 Nipple Cover* 76mm 0.3 mm 10
12-17603 Areola* 76mm 0.3 mm 10
12-17076 Mastopexy* 170mm x 76mm 0.3 mm 10
12-25010 Anchor* 250mm x 250mm 0.3 mm 10
* Fabric Backing