Serenocem™ Otologic Cement

Designed specifically for non-weight bearing applications in otologic surgery such as:
• Ideal for bridging an open incudostapedial joint
• Reconstruction of the ossicular chain
• Posterior canal wall reconstruction
• Cementation of cochlear implant electrode array

Serenocem™ Otologic Cement from Invotec

Serenocem® Otologic Cement

SerenoCem™ meets a clinical need in otologic reconstruction surgery, where increasingly sophisticated surgical techniques require new methods of stabilizing implanted devices and bony fragments and for use in the reconstruction.

• Non-exothermic snap set
• Chemical adhesion to bone and metals
• Bioactive/osteoconductive ion release
• Minimal biodegeneration or absorption
• Minimal shrinkage upon setting

Biocompatibility/Clinical Data
Cement rapidly becomes surrounded by a layer of relatively mature bone. Tests conducted with completely hardened cement show a distinct inertia and biocompatibility of the material including its complete integration into the bone structure.

Interaction MRI
Serenocem™ is MRI-compatible. Image quality may be impeded in direct vicinity of an implant; radiopacity is comparable to bone.

Note: The area into which the cement is placed must be kept dry, as the material will not harden in a wet field.

Number Description Qty/Box
BC-010 Serenocem™ Cement 2 individually packaged capsules
BC-010S Serenocem™ Cement 1 individually packaged capsule
Serenocem Mixer and Applicator

Serenocem® Mixer and Applicator

These critical components are supplied to provide predictable and timely formulation of SerenoCem Otologic Cement, within the time window expected. Serenocem™ Mixer Set to operate for 10 seconds, every time, giving the OR team confidence in the Cement, its set up time and its consistency, instillation after instillation. Serenocem™ Applicator Used to place the prepared aliquot of cement onto a sterile microscope slide or cutting block, to be added to the surgical field on a Rosen Needle or Micro suction tip.

Number Description Qty/Box
BC-280 Serenocem™ Mixer (110 V) 1 Unit
BC-150 Applicator 1 each